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BPR (Business Process Reengineering)

Businesses should strive to operate on an auto-pilot mode, which requires extensive standardization that transcends across functionalities. By setting up robust processes, preparing SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), operating manuals we enable you to benefit from economies of standardization. To let your business become nimble and agile, strong and seamless processes are essential, which requires fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in your organizational workflow. With our BPR offering we help you to score on various measures including cost, quality, service and speed.

Cost Optimization

Businesses often resort to arbitrary cost reduction programs during recessionary times, to deal with economic uncertainty and looming financial troubles. However, most of the gains of such programs are short-lived. Instead a structured cost management helps companies to better address such crisis situations, improve their efficiencies and increase ROI in a sustainable manner. Through our cost optimization offering, we assist you in better understanding your cost structures and enable you to identify, quantify and prioritize saving opportunities. By our deep analysis and fact-finding mission, we analyze your business’s various cost drivers and operational levers including procurement, WCM (Working Capital Management), supply chain, production, inventory etc., and recommend remedial measures on inefficient expenditure. Not all spends should be blindly reduced. Some costs are necessary for growth and to achieve the corporate objectives. We help you to correctly identify and categorize such costs and align them with the organizational goals.

Performance Improvement

Focusing only on costs is not enough to improve your business’s performance and realize full potential. Other underlying factors that directly or indirectly induce costs are equally important to manage. How you serve your customers, how efficiently you produce, of what quality are your services, what are your throughputs, how much redundancy is present in your existing processes are some of the questions that businesses should answer. Our performance improvement practice helps you to identify the right set of issues for Improvement opportunities across various dimensions of your business and assist in formulating and implementing a concrete action plan to improve your performance and aid your business to gain competitive edge.

Best practices, Service transformation

Customer experience is the single most critical factor for business’s success. Exceeding customer expectations and delighting them has become de rigueur in this contemporary business world. However, limited efforts are put in internal service improvements that will translate to higher customer satisfaction. We assist you in identifying the crucial customer touchpoints and internal service levers so you can focus on the appropriate issues for transforming your services. Moreover, we also help in benchmarking your business and services, selecting and implementing best practices to enable you to create competitive advantage.

Resource planning, Rightsizing

Organizational workforce is becoming global and diverse and poses new set of people-related challenges. With employees being the most important asset for any business, it becomes critical that organizations manage their human resources cleverly. Our resource planning and rightsizing service aids you to recognize the emerging people trends, identify your business’s resource requirements, attract, source and develop appropriate talent, map and align adequate and appropriate people to the right projects and functions, minimize conflicts, cultivate a progressive culture and engage people and other resources to create economic value and high performance for quality and efficient delivery of your organizational initiatives.