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Corporate planning

With numerous challenges and complexities facing an organization and uncertain economic scenario looming large, it becomes imperative that organization spell their vision, chart the right direction and take a holistic view and control of their businesses. We help you prepare a meticulous plan to manage and consolidate your resources, set the environment conducive to growth, prioritize the vital initiatives and construct a path towards success.

Corporate structuring, Institutional strengthening

A suitable organization structure helps businesses leverage their strengths and core competencies, innovate and grow. Depending on the culture of your company, industry in which you operate and your business scenario, an appropriate structuring of the whole organization for people, resources, processes and plan helps strengthen your institution. We assist you in forming the most suitable organization structure that is aligned to your corporate objectives and helps in adding seamless value to your business.

Portfolio management, Diversification & Integration

Conglomerates often run numerous businesses in diverse industries. However, not all are adequately profitable and add value to the corporate at the same level. It’s crucial that management not only focus on the flagship businesses but also make vital decisions about other businesses that include either shunning or consolidating some of them. By our portfolio management service we help you discern a holistic picture of your organization - business competence vis-à-vis market attractiveness and take critical decisions, which may include diversifying into new markets and industries, consolidating some existing businesses or acquiring companies for forward or backward integration.

Change management

Change is inevitable, whether stemming from a deliberate plan or as a response to market distortions. Change can be in various forms - cultural, political or organizational, an incremental one or a big-bang approach. What is imperative is to successfully manage and implement change process. We assist you in formulating the right approach, identifying the change agents and hurdles, recognizing and meeting stakeholder expectations and guiding you through the entire change journey, to effectively realize the objectives.

Risk management

Uncertainty prevails in multiple dimensions of an organization, which it cannot control. However, a thorough risk management helps in addressing and pre-empting the various facets of risks and its repercussions on businesses. Our risk management practice guides you to identify and characterize threats, assess your business’ vulnerability to critical issues, determine the likelihood of risks and identify ways to mitigate those risks. By deploying tools like scenario planning, sensitivity analysis etc. we help you to continually identify, evaluate, treat and monitor your external as well as internal risks, on an enterprise wide scale.

Brand management & Marketing

In this contemporary world, a powerful brand provides sustainable competitive advantage. With more customers looking beyond core products, services and relating to image of the company, it becomes essential to manage the brand’s positioning to make it successful and generate loyal customers who’ll come back for more. Our expertise in brand management helps you to create vision, assess your brand, identify key stakeholders, align your activities, make concrete action plan and differentiate your organization and products, towards making a superlative brand. Moreover, we also help you in developing an expedient marketing strategy that enables you to deliver your products to the right consumer set, in the right market, in the right way, at the right time, thus giving a fillip to your top and bottom lines.


Considering only the financial bottom line, is taking a narrow view of businesses. Corporate sustainability helps you to create a long-term customer, employee and public value. Sustainability is not only about being ‘green’ but managing various dimensions of your business - social, cultural, economic, environmental. A good sustainability philosophy and practice helps to maintain healthy relations with key stakeholders and reap long term returns. We assist you in charting an effective sustainability plan and roadmap, prioritize your CSR initiatives and align your business activities to help you achieve your ‘Triple Bottom Line’ - not just economic but social and environmental too.