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Being a consultant is a highly rewarding profession where you get to work with exceptionally talented and inspiring team, learn new skills, expand your knowledge, broaden your horizon, solve client’s most complex business problems, address global challenges and help shape the world. However, it can be a tiring and challenging job, with long days, frequent travel and continuing engagement. Hence, we are extremely selective in our hiring process and recruit the best of talent.

We welcome people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We recruit, train, motivate and retain highly capable and sharpest talent, who bring quality in their work and deliver best solutions. Our people are the brightest minds in industry and they blend together to bring about the stupendous power of teamwork. To ensure that you are a right fit for the organization, we look for:

  • Analytical ability
  • Industry, market, business and economic knowledge
  • Ability to interact with Top Management
  • Leadership traits
  • Extracurricular achievements
  • Track record of a distinguished career
  • Excellent academic records

We also ensure that our people are inquisitive, intuitive, intellectually sharp, compatible with working in diverse teams and possess enormous physical and mental endurance.

Neither our people are complacent, nor are we. To satiate the ever knowledge-hungry minds of our people, we regularly conduct Continuous Learning programs. Our people have ample training and hands-on learning opportunities.

Our people go through various roles in their work life.

Ideally, a Consultant role is suited for people with an MBA from a premier institution, an undergraduate degree in any discipline, 5+ years of full time work experience with 1-2 years of Consulting experience.

By our stringent performance policy, career progression at PHRONESIS happens solely on accomplishment. We reward achievements and support, inspire and help our people to improve their performances.

Our recruitment process consists of scrutinising your CV and if shortlisted, 2-3 rounds of interviews including a case interview. Our decisions are swift and we do not make candidates wait long. We do not have any fixed recruitment cycle and accept applications all year round.

We have openings across Business Analyst through Manager level. To apply, please mail your CV to and we’ll get back to you at the earliest. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.