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Growth Strategy

It’s always difficult to grow beyond a certain point, having exhausted your existing resources and capabilities. However it is imperative for businesses to grow in order to stay ahead of the pack. We help you break the glass ceiling of growth. By our Growth Strategy services, we assist you in showing new ways to grow, be it in new markets, or by new products and services or simply by exceptional market penetration activities. To help your businesses ascend we suggest the most suitable growth path - Organic or Inorganic growth that can help maximize your potential and outgrow the industry

Entry strategy, Go-to-market strategy

Entering into a new market, industry or geography can be a risky proposition if not managed properly. New markets or geographies pose new rules of the game - different dynamics in terms of policies, regulations, customer behaviour, channels, partners, sourcing etc. We assist you in devising an expedient entry strategy that helps you to leverage your resources and capabilities and capitalize on market opportunities. By our deep market analysis and consumer insights, we help you prepare to go-to-market successfully, whether in case of India-entry or a global expansion plan.

Business transformation & turnaround

Companies sometime face exigent business situations - financial, regulatory, social, labour related or market oriented that threaten to disrupt the existing business model and put the company in a distress scenario. To tackle such situations and help you thrive, we assist you in preparing and implementing a robust business transformation & turnaround plan that moves right problem levers, addresses stakeholder needs and ensures short term survival whilst keeping the long term success objective intact. Our service enables you to stop losses, generate positive cash flows and focus on the most vital business components.


Innovation is not a mere buzzword but a real phenomenon taking place across products, processes and business models. With the breakneck pace of product and service evolution, ever-advancing technological developments and consumer demand shifts, it is vital for businesses to innovate to avoid being antiquated. Innovation gives businesses first mover advantage. Contrary to the old ‘closed innovation’ initiatives requiring high R&D and IP protection, new disruptive ‘open innovation’ methods are being used requiring right collaboration and platform. By our innovation practice, we assist you in generating, capturing and managing internal and external ideas, prioritize your innovation efforts, manage innovation process and measure potential and impact so that your organization becomes the market leader and not a follower.

Product and Market mix

Technological developments and consumer mindset changes make a compelling case for companies to relook at their product and market portfolio. Having a natural extension of associated products and services to the core stabilized ones is necessary to serve today’s consumer demands. Moreover, delivering the right products in the right market is a critical factor in business success, since requirements of each market and each consumer segment differ. Reviving a product or service line often becomes critical to survive the ever-changing consumer needs, where imitations and substitutes can threaten the existence of your products. We help you manage your product and market lining by our rigorous analysis and sharp insights.

Competitive analysis, Industry landscaping

In this hypercompetitive environment where suppliers for all products and services are ubiquitous, it becomes imperative to arise from obscurity and distinguish yourself from competition. Reacting to a competitor move might not always be the best solution but paying attention to what the competition is doing to the markets and how the industry is shaping, is essential to plan for the future. We assist you in charting your overall industry landscape, benchmarking your business vis-à-vis direct and indirect competition, identifying emerging trends, analyzing your industry’s future course and generating deep insights so you can prepare your businesses better.

Market study, Due diligence

Markets are quintessentially tricky, where consumer behaviour often seems incomprehensible. By our meticulous analysis and astute insights we help you to cut through these apparent complexities of market conditions. We conduct market study and due diligence so that you not only fathom with the market scenario but also accurately know where the markets are going and what the customers really want. Our process often involves secondary as well as primary research, so that you can benefit from the knowledge of ground level reality and take decisive actions.

Pricing strategy, Financial modelling

In the era of constant price-wars to garner more market share and consumer demand shifts, organization must have a powerful pricing strategy that protects their businesses from such threats and yet makes a profitable business case. Since consumers more often than not are price sensitive, appropriate pricing of product or service is one of the key factors in a product’s success. Moreover, customers are now open to newer pricing models like bundled pricing, value sharing, performance pricing than the traditional fixed price model. We help you to execute dynamic financial modelling that looks beyond cost plus approach and encapsulates the changing customer needs and market conditions, to aid you in designing a favourable pricing strategy.

Feasibility studies

Whether it’s a proposed venture, new project, new production set-up or simply a new product, it is of paramount importance that it should be thoroughly assessed for its feasibility. Through our feasibility studies we carry out an in-depth analysis of a project or a product, for its suitability, acceptability and feasibility to various stakeholders. Our comprehensive study considers financial, technical, legal and operational viewpoints to help you determine whether your proposition is viable and practical or not, identify the serious flaws in your business model and recommend remedial measures you should take to make it feasible.