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Phronesis is an ancient greek word, which essentially means Practical Wisdom. At PHRONESIS STRATEGIES we aim to deliver our clients advice and solutions that are informed, insightful, intelligent and pragmatic.

In an uncertain and challenging business environment, we provide the right consulting intervention to not only help your business thrive but also to take it to a high-growth trajectory. With our distinctive capabilities, rigorous analysis and sharp insights, we help you create strategies to succeed and achieve your long term vision as well as realize short term rewards. We assist you to develop and deploy robust processes that are powerful and enable to realize the economies of standardization, address complexities and help your organization become nimble and agile. Our advice and recommendations are not theoretical. For each case, we not only develop and tailor our solutions that are pragmatic but also assist you in implementing them.

With a total organizational experience of 50+ man-years, perspicacity of solving local and international cases and a vast network of partner consultants, subject matter experts, domain specialists and advisors, we are well positioned to solve your organization’s unique challenges and complexities. We engage in all three levels of strategy - Corporate level, Business level and Operational level. Our offerings range from advising C-suite execs in forming befitting strategies to improving business performance and reengineering processes.